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It all started in 1996 with the pokemon cards from Nintendo, everyone started buying Pokemon cards. Who doesn't know them? The old pokemon cards of base, jungle and fossil. Even in the Netherlands it became a real hit, on the schoolyards it was played with and/or traded. Many children kept them or played with. The cards are worth a lot if they're in good condition. Think for example of the Charizard from the base set. The first edition shadowless Charizard recently sold for over $200,000! You can't believe that you could buy pokemon booster packs in the store for just 3 guilders. You're in luck, because we have a lot of pokemon cards available on our website.


About Genk

Genk (Dutch pronunciation: [ɣɛŋk]) is a city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt. The municipality only comprises the town of Genk itself. It is one of the most important industrial towns in Flanders, located on the Albert Canal, between Antwerp and Liège. == History == === Celtic and medieval origins === Genk probably originated as a Celtic village, and was converted to Christianity in the 10th century. The remains of a little wooden church dating from that period were found in the area.

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